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Bass Pro Shops National Outdoor Specialty Retailer

Need:  Enterprise wide (1,100 unit) POS hardware upgrade to coincide with new software implementation
Solutions:  Configure and procure IBM solution, equipment storage, integration & staging, hardware testing and BIOS configuration, prep and package for delivery to store with one-step in-store installation
Results:  All stores upgraded in less than 9 months
American Blue Ribbon Holdings American Blue Ribbon Holdings
Need:  Cost effective all-in-one POS terminal (including printer) to refresh recently acquired Max & Erma’s restaurants; improving cash wrap appearance and efficiency, and reducing maintenance complexities
Solutions:  Pioneer POS S-Line terminal, with built in EPSON® printer

Results:  All stores upgraded within 3 months, Macro Solutions also provided staging, integration and software installation support at the client’s HQ location
KTA Super Stores KTA Superstore (Hilo, Hawai'i)
Need:  Upgrade warehouse wireless network infrastructure while insuring compatibility with legacy systems and insuring ongoing compliance with industry standards
Solutions:  New Motorola access points, security appliances, and mobile computers
Results:  System upgraded to current industry standards, while also insuring long-term viability of all existing and new components
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