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  Retail Solutions: Point of Sale (POS)

Toshiba POS Products Overview

We offer a complete line of Toshiba POS hardware, including these popular and cost effective products:

SurePOS 700 SureMark Printers
SurePOS 500 SurePoint Touch Displays
SurePOS 300 AnyPlace Kiosk
TCxWave TCxFlight

The Toshiba AnyPlace Kiosk – A “Go Anywhere” Kiosk or POS Solution

At a time when shrinking margins call for ways to increase sales and reduce costs, the Toshiba AnyPlace Kiosk family of products can help businesses respond to this shift in consumer demand while maintaining a strong competitive edge. Perfect for sidewalk sales, exhibits and conference retailing, pop-up and temporary stores, the Toshiba AnyPlace kiosk allows full-function POS applications wherever you can find an electrical outlet.

Key features and benefits include:

Compelling interactive experience
    A full range of screen sizes, bright image quality, outstanding graphics and audio support exciting multimedia content and applications
Ultra-compact form factor
    Provides multiple deployment options; on an aisle, counter or tight wall space, or integrated into a freestanding floor mount, to help businesses place self service where it's most relevant to their users: at the point of decision
Self-service hardened
    The AnyPlace kiosk is spill resistant, built to help withstand daily use and rough handling, and has been rigorously tested to meet both PC industry and Toshiba quality standards
Robust, stable platform
    Helps enable efficient roll out of a self-service solution, and plans for future deployments with a choice of a variety of operating systems
All-in-one integrated design
    Helps enable retailers to avoid purchasing separate pieces, parts or accessories and to take advantage of features and hardware that are designed to work together

Customized Portable POS Solutions

Customized Portable POS Solution with AnyPlace Kiosk

Macro Solutions can customize portable POS solutions, including single-case or dual-case options with internal hardware to meet your exacting retail support requirements. Each case in the dual case solution weighs less than 40 pounds, making them easy to handle and transport.

POS Kiosk/Suitcase (PDF)

Pioneer POS Products Overview

Pioneer POS designs and manufactures a variety of touch solutions including touch screen monitors, touch computers, and kiosks. As a manufacturer of touch screen solutions, Pioneer POS understands that one customer's needs may differ from another.

15" S-Line One of the best selling Pioneer products is the S-Line POS solution with built in EPSON® receipt printer: The 15" S-Line redefines the all-in-one design by integrating an EPSON® thermal receipt printer into a touchcomputer. The S-Line’s patented tool-less "slider" design, allows the printer to be easily replaced in the field in a couple of minutes, without affecting the entire system.

S-Line with Integrated EPSON® printer (PDF)
15" S-Line The XPIENT XPRESS is a unique approach to bringing a bundled, purpose-built total solution to end users in the QSR and Fast Casual marketplaces. Benefits include a complete, field proven, easily configured and supported solution. By preloading XPRESS software on retail-hardened POS terminals you are provided a total solution that has been certified as fully functional – no field engineering trial and error at your expense to get components working.

The XPRESS Solution



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