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Macro Solutions Group provides RITA (replacement-in-the-air) next-day delivery of operational replacement units, offering significant savings off your current on-site maintenance services, as well as increased quality of service for your remote equipment. Our service includes:

Overnight machine replacement
  Macro's staging professionals load, configure and test the replacement equipment, and ship the replacement unit, configured identically to the failed unit, for next day delivery.
  We include the materials and prepaid shipping invoice to return the failed machine to Macro Solutions' staging facility

Complete asset management
  Macro Solutions has developed an asset management tool (Cadence) to manage the replacement process and monitor failures to predict preventative maintenance.

The RITA Process
RITA is the ideal service for customers who would like an efficient and extremely quick way to keep equipment running in the field. Here’s how the RITA process works:

RITA - Asset Managment ToolCadence

RITA Services (PDF), powered by Cadence


Field equipment downtime is minimized (fast turn-around & working replacement is on-site next business day if request is made before 3:00pm MST)
Entire shipping process is tracked electronically through Cadence
Replacement equipment can be requested by email from the customer's helpdesk
Inventory is stored at Macro Solutions' secure location, reducing excess inventory on-site and at customer’s warehouse
We can load the customer’s image with site-specific configuration
We handle the repair of faulty equipment
We make any necessary adjustments in hardware or software configuration
Discounted shipping rates are standard, because of our shipping volume

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RITA - Replacement in the air

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