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  Services: Integration & Rollout

Customers rolling out large-scale POS solutions, with large quantities of servers, PCs and POS stations, face unique challenges, including the ability to deploy equipment quickly, keep track of IT assets over their lifecycle, and cost effectively maintain and repair the equipment. This is where Macro Solutions can provide its greatest value.

Staging and Integration Verification

Experienced technical professionals and project managers work with your team to create a verified and tested staging and integration plan. This includes:

Receiving shipment at our warehouse
Installing internal hardware components as required
Loading software image including operating system and applications, and making any specific configuration changes
Attaching peripherals or other hardware devices (receipt printer, barcode scanner, etc.)
Testing all the hardware and software components in our warehouse
Conducting systems assurance by installing system(s) at one remote location
Creating a final staging script to be used in rollout services

Rollout Services

Using the finalized staging script, we then rollout the systems. Activities include:

Receiving any additional hardware in our warehouse
Installing hardware components
Loading software
Attaching peripherals and testing
Shipping systems to remote locations (meeting customer required volumes and schedules)

Upon completion of the primary rollout, we can continue our support by maintaining the images created during this process, and continuing to deliver the complete solution as needed for new users and updates to existing users.

Integration and Rollout Service Benefits

Fast, efficient deployment of IT assets
Integration and testing before deployment
System assurance reviews with experienced professionals
Lower maintenance costs
Asset tracking and management
Large-scale rollouts can be designed to allow for 24-hour delivery
Open communication between your team and our personnel

On-site Installation and Training Services

Macro Solutions can handle the whole process from procurement to installation for projects of all sizes, including multiple installations at one time. Our dedicated project managers ensure that installation deadlines are met, and serve as liaisons between customers and our installation technicians. Our certified technicians have extensive experience with all of our hardware, software and support services. They can help provide other technical needs onsite, including network cabling, inventory reporting, disposal of old equipment, and other needs that may exist. We also provide formal training to management and/or staff on hardware, software, or any other technical piece you may need.


Integration and Rollout

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