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In a large-scale rollout, you need to know where equipment is at any point in time.  Macro Solution’s exclusive Cadence web-based asset-management tool allows you to maintain accurate inventories of your assets by serial number and by location. This powerful tool provides:

Real-time view of assets: Cadence provides you with 24/7 access to your asset database
Data integrity: Cadence significantly minimizes the possibility of human error by utilizing data captured and stored in the database
Shipment tracking: Cadence is integrated with FedEx®, UPS®, and Yellow Freight tracking systems to provide one-click tracking of shipments in transit
User tracking: Cadence tracks database access by user to increase accountability and security
Tracking of equipment-failure trends: Cadence lets you track individual machine failures, components failures, model failures and store failures
Extensive reporting: Cadence provides customized reporting developed to meet your individual needs.  Reports can be viewed as e-mail, a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet, or by using a Web browser

Customers that want visibility into project activities can access a Web-based portal through our Customer Login link located at the top of the page. This link provides access to the customer’s online portal. 


Customer can ensure that project activities are accurate and on time
Customer can easily initiate work orders to configure equipment
Customer can verify shipment tracking and handle shipping exceptions quickly
Customer can view site inventory and equipment configuration at field locations


"In a hardware support position, I have worked with several tracking type softwares.  Cadence Software, developed and maintained by the founders of Macro Solutions Group, is by far the most superior software of this type I have ever seen.  The efficiency of this software is incomparable.  Every step of the support or fulfillment of hardware is tracked and updated regularly.  Any changes to the status of your repair or order is communicated and recorded so you always know what is happening and when you can expect to see your new or repaired equipment.  Knowing what was going on with my equipment allowed me to do my job much more effectively."

Jane Govier
Sr Manager, Restaurant Operations & Technology,
Quiznos Restaurants


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Asset Management

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